The global approach for re-opening practices is to consider every patient as asymptomatic with COVID-19.  Consequently, the advice that Public Health England (in line with the World Health Organisation) issued on PPE previously, should still hold. For direct patient care, where the treatment is deemed to be non-aerosol generating, the following PPE is required:


·         Disposable Gloves

·         Disposable Plastic Apron

·         Fluid-resistant (Type IIR) surgical mask

·         Eye/face protection

However, if the work involves aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs), the following is required:


·         Disposable Gloves

·         Disposable fluid-repellent coverall/gown

·        Filtering face piece respirator

·         Eye/face protection

Current guidance also states that these must be replaced/decontaminated after a session i.e. when the health care worker leaves the care setting/exposure environment.

The novel nature of SARS CoV2 means we advise dentists and teams to take a risk-based approach.  Members should carry out a risk assessment of the practising environment, the treatment needs and status of any potential patient before reaching a decision on the approach to take.

Face fit testing  masks, is a legal requirement under COSHH for anyone who is required to wear a tight (or close) fitting mask for work.