Quality, safety, productivity and protection are vitally important to every industry.

Whether you work in agriculture, biochemistry or construction, respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can be essential for keeping your organisation and teams safe, from potentially life-threatening airborne hazards in the workplace, such as silicosis, asbestosis and Sars CoV2.

We supply a range of RPE solutions to meet your needs, but are much more than just a shop. Our RPE experts are only a phone call away, and happy to help you find the right solution to your respiratory needs, every time. In addition we offer a wide range of PPE to suit your needs.

With RPE often being used as a last line of defence against extremely hazardous substances, it’s essential that it protects you the way it needs to.

It’s essential to choose a respirator that is adequate for the hazard, and you complete due diligence to ensure the respirator has been compliantly fit tested.

In the UK, when a person needs to wear a tight-fitting respirator for work, it is a legal requirement that they first be face fit-tested.